CDCollect is a CD/DVD catalog application for gnome 2.16. Its functionality is similar to the old gtktalog application for gnome 1.4.

It's goal is to be able to catalog your entire CD collection allowing for searches of your CD/DVD files with a clean and simple interface.

CDCollect is written in mono using monodevelop and the gtk-sharp and sqlite libraries.



The following programs and libraries are needed to run CDCollect:


You can download the official releases of CDCollect and get information on the changes for the new versions in the news page.

For the brave out there you can try the public svn repository with the latest development version. Note that the svn version may not compile at all for some time!

To checkout the CDCollect svn repository you need to type this command on a terminal "svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/cdcollect/cdcollect/trunk cdcollect"


If you do not use the provided packages, you can compile the source of CDCollect with the usual chain "./configure", "make", "make install". or using monodevelop (use the project file "cdcollect.mds").

Bugs and Feedback

CDCollect is still in a early stage of development so if you have any comment go to the sourceforge project page and please fill any bugs there.